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A Fond Adieu to Dom, my soul partner

Perhaps the relentless barrage of tumultuous life events and losses I've experienced has hardened me ...

... Or perhaps there has been healing of childhood wounds and the learning to live in the moment, as animals do, with #love, #compassion and #gratitude.


I haven't been gripped by #grief since Dom's passing a week ago. I have waves of sadness that come and go, and I certainly sobbed from the level of my soul before his body left this physical plane. But I am reminded again and again of how blessed and fortunate I was to walk alongside him in this lifetime, to learn with him and from him, to experience him - again - for we have been together before, and I know we will be again.

So many times over the years I have been utterly present with him. I have drawn deep breath in a moment and embodied the gratitude for the time we were sharing. There has been a knowing that we would part company at some stage, and thus more onus on the importance of being present. Really present.

Through all of this perhaps I have 'pre-grieved' in a healthy, balanced and complete way. It has been the losses of all those before who have taught me this.

Grief embraces each of us at an individual level and, as for all emotions, there is no right or wrong way to experience it. For some it lingers for weeks, months, years. And for others, like me, it is a fleeting visit - this time, at least!

I have so many beautiful memories of our life together, so many photos to look at. But in reality, all I need do is close my eyes to re-engage with his glorious and masterful presence.

Dom, I cherish you. I have always worshipped you. I adore you. And I am so deeply grateful and honoured that you chose to walk with me again in this lifetime. I have loved you more than life itself. I can't wait for our next embodied experience.

[Originally published 10 Oct 2021]

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How special to share a peace of your heart Soo, sending a hello to Dom from me instead of a goodbye x 🫶🏼🌈

Soo Woods
Soo Woods
Jan 03
Replying to

Beautiful Kim 💚 I wish you'd met him.

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