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About Soo

Soo Woods & Magnet her dog

All my life I’ve loved animals and being in nature. Since I was introduced to horses at five years old, they have been a very important part of my life. They’ve been my confidantes, my friends, my teachers, my sanctuary and my sanity. And boy, how much have I learnt from them … the list is long!

Horses have walked beside me through my life journey. They’ve helped me through thick and thin. Through ups and downs. Through some really shitty and difficult times. And of course, they’ve been there to celebrate the good times too. My life journey has included challenges such as childhood trauma, divorce, single parenting, eating disorders, suicide ideation and more.


I’ve transformed from a shy, awkward, uncomfortable kid who felt lost and misunderstood, through young adulthood where I felt stuck in a life that I didn’t like, to developing resilience to cope with life’s challenges, love myself and live with abundance … My healing journey has been one of holistic wellbeing and horses have been a very large part of my story.

Believe me when I say that I know what it feels like to be alone. Misunderstood. Overwhelmed. Scared. I also know what it feels like to have compassion and acceptance of self.

For a long time I have helped others - both humans and horses, and I am deeply grateful for the wisdom and tools I have learned through my own experiences which now help me relate to a lot of different people and the circumstances they find themselves in. I truly love helping others find a peace filled life.

Drawing from over a decade of dedicated work in the field of holistic healing, I have immersed myself deeply in the transformative power of equine therapy and trauma-informed alternative healing modalities. My roots in trauma-informed care equip me to offer a nuanced approach tailored to every individual's unique needs and experiences.

I’ve been called a ‘Master Space Holder’. Been told I am “very grounding to be around.”

I’ve facilitated hundreds of holistic healing sessions, witnessed profound shifts in individuals aged 5yo to 85yo as they rediscover their love for life, navigate their challenges, and learn to truly embrace themselves.
My connection with the Eureka Horse Wisdom herd and the land we live on is a profound bond that amplifies the therapeutic experience. This connection underscores my commitment: to lead you into deeper explorations of emotional intelligence and regulation, using both learned expertise and intuitive guidance.
I’m passionate about supporting you on your journey of growth and self-discovery and helping you live without stress, anxiety, fears and doubts, and ultimately find your authentic self.
I know what it takes to rediscover yourself, and to feel complete wholeness within. And I know how horses and nature can help with this.
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