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Women's Equine Afternoon 


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+61  411 623 479


If you have a profound and enduring LOVE of horses, an insatiable craving for genuine horse-related experiences, then consider this your perfect solution!
What could be better than equine connection combined with dedicated time for self-care, allowing your own wellness to take centre stage for once.

Join a small group of like-minded women for three hours of joyous camaraderie, where the companionship of both horses and fellow kindred spirits becomes the heart of the experience. 

This is an invitation to embrace self-love and find rejuvenation in the company of these incredible creatures and a supportive community that shares your passion.

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Our monthly gatherings promise a delightful blend of activities designed to nurture both your spirit and your connection with these magnificent creatures.


While the specifics may vary from month to month, we will usually include:

  • a walking trail ride, to include grooming, tacking up and putting away (approx 1.5hr of equine bliss)

  • afternoon tea amidst the gentle presence of the herd - a sacred space where you can express feelings among women who truly understand, share stories and forge connections that resonate at a profound level

  • a ground-based activity with a member of the herd, an opportunity for reciprocity and a chance to deepen the bond between human and horse.

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... and put a big fat smile on your dial!


Our gatherings are more than just moments with horses; they are occasions to give back, to connect, and to rediscover the joy of being in the company of kindred spirits.

Open yourself to this enriching experience, an oasis of rejuvenation for women seeking solace, connection, and equine companionship.


Join us for a monthly rendezvous that promises to both satisfy your equine fix and replenish your cup.

  • This experience is for aged 18yo+ 

  • We welcome experienced riders only—for the well-being of our cherished horses

  • Limited places

  • Cost: $220 (+ $4.84 card fee if you pay with credit card ... other options are direct to bank or cash)


Most of us love to give. But today I had the experience of fully receiving unconditional love, feeling supported, moving slow, without hurry or rush.
What people say


If your life could do with a little shaking up and some time just for you then get yourself along to Eureka Horse Wisdom Trail Rides for Women.
The horses have such friendly personalities, are very well looked after and I always feel safe. I thoroughly enjoy my cuddles each week.
If you are not able to have your own horse but miss horses and all that goes along with it, I highly recommend signing up for the regular rides and spending time with ladies who share your passion.
Thank you Soo, for offering your herd to a select group of ladies. I feel very privileged to be able to ride here.


The ladies were compassionate, kind and caring, and took an individual approach to support each person’s journey and experience.
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