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Navigating Fear

Snakes! Growing up in the UK snakes were not a usual encounter and for a long time after I arrived in Australia I was fearful of them. Not because of any experience I had with them, but because the common perception of them is that they are dangerous and to be feared. [And hello, doesn’t Australia have the most venomous snakes on the planet?]

For the ten years I ran a horse yard in Sydney, I progressively became more comfortable with a variety of pythons, who were regulars at the stables – and welcomed in that they helped with the rodent population.

Living here in the Highlands has exposed me to red bellies and copperheads. I know there are

others out there, but they have yet to cross my path.

And over time, I have learned to welcome those whose land I choose to walk on. They intend me no harm, are quick to escape should we experience close encounters, and benefit from the warmth of the poo pile over the colder months!

But back to FEAR. Fear is an instinctual and primal emotion. We may be told not to be scared, that it’s silly to be fearful of something. But you cannot be told not to feel something instinctual and so natural at our core.

Because we are not taught how to process emotions, fear may hold us back and hinder personal growth. Acknowledging and understanding this emotion is the first step in the liberating journey of processing and clearing it.

Begin by creating a safe space for introspection. Take a moment to identify the specific fears that linger within. Are they rooted in past experiences, or do they stem from uncertainties about the future? Understanding the origins of fear allows us to approach it with compassion and curiosity rather than judgment.

Next, embrace the power of mindfulness. Engage in practices that ground you in the present moment, such as deep breathing or meditation. Mindfulness not only helps regulate the physiological response to fear but also provides a mental sanctuary where you can observe your thoughts without being overwhelmed by them.

Journaling can be a powerful tool for unravelling the layers of fear. Write about your fears, allowing your thoughts and emotions to flow freely onto paper. As you explore these feelings, you may gain insights into their root causes and patterns, opening the door to deeper self-awareness.

Consider seeking support from trusted friends, family, mental health and/or trauma trained professionals. Learning to process your fear(s) will lead you to calm.

Just like any emotion, fear should move through us as a wave, increasing in intensity and eventually finding completion.

I love the end of this short video as the snake disappears into the shrubbery … it's a perfect demonstration that once the energy of an emotion has been allowed to dissipate, is it completely GONE!

Our goal is not to eliminate fear entirely, as it serves a protective function. Instead, the aim is to cultivate a healthier relationship with fear, allowing it to guide rather than dictate your choices.  And to clear and transform fears from the past, for in doing so, you pave the way for personal liberation and the pursuit of a life guided by courage and resilience.

We work with Emotions through Equine Therapy, releasing and healing what has got stuck within us. Finding meaning, creating transformation and leading ourselves in our future as authentic souls.

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