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Group Sessions

Gathering in small groups amidst the embrace of horses and nature offers a profound and enriching experience that transcends the ordinary.


The therapeutic impact of these moments lies in the harmonious blend of human connection, equine wisdom, and the healing embrace of the natural world.


As individuals interact with horses, known for their intuitive sensitivity, a unique bond unfolds, fostering trust, empathy, and a shared sense of presence.


Nature, with its soothing rhythms, becomes a silent yet powerful partner in this communal journey, inspiring a collective sense of well-being.


The combination of gentle equine interactions and the grounding influence of nature results in reduced stress, enhanced communication, and a shared journey towards greater self-awareness. Together, in the company of horses and under the open sky, discover the transformative potential of unity, authenticity, and the timeless wisdom inherent in the natural world.


Health & wellness GROUP activities are organised through


Retreats: in collaboration with the beauty of nature, our health and wellness retreats are designed to provide a respite from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We offer a holistic approach, nurturing wellness from physical, mental, emotional, to spiritual. 

Wellbeing workshops: Learn the basics of something in a day. Use it for a lifetime to heal yourself and loved ones (kids, pets, family). A happier, healthier you is within reach. 

One-day programs: support wellbeing and mental health for community or corporate groups. Research is showing the importance of nature escapes for mental and emotional health. Our programs have been proven to result in thriving, cohesive groups.

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