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Horse Spelling

Treat your horse to some quality time living in a herd in the NSW Southern Highlands, ten minutes from Moss Vale.

Large 10 acre grassy paddocks, shady trees, dams. For the safety of all concerned, we ask that at least hind shoes be removed, but ideally horses will be barefoot.

All horses are checked daily by Soo, a caring, competent, confident, experienced and knowledgeable horse woman.

Minimum stay three weeks.

Costs dependant on care required [minerals, rugging, feeding optional extras].

Basic start price of $66/wk/horse.

Want to talk?
Contact Soo

+61  411 623 479


My horse is so happy and healthy under Soo’s care and I feel very reassured by her excellent horse knowledge and careful monitoring of my boy.


The property is picturesque and I am very lucky to have found such a great location for him.!


My horse Finn has been spelled at Eureka for nearly 5 years and I wouldn’t take him anywhere else.
Soo has an eye for detail that is truly unsurpassed and has always noticed the smallest indication or change in his habits or behaviour, and I feel that he is in the safest hands when I am not there. I trust her judgement on rugging and every other aspect of his daily care if required.
He is so happy with a handpicked selection of herd-mates in large paddocks with trees and dams that make sure his mental health needs are as well looked after as his physical ones. Thank you Soo!


The horses at Eureka are truly the most happy and relaxed horses I have ever been around and this is all due to Soo’s commitment to each and every member.


She is picks up on the little things and acts immediately.


Soo sends regular updates and photos to me which gives me peace and mind that my horse is healthy and still enjoying his time at Eureka.  

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