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Equine Assisted Learning


Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) offers participants the opportunity to discover and develop personal, emotional and social skills through safe experiential learning experiences with our horses. 


​Horses have a magical way of helping us learn that is non-threatening, kind and non-judgemental. They can help us:

  • build confidence and self-esteem, trust, self-awareness & assertiveness
  • enhance motor skills
  • develop communication and social skills
  • increase our ability to focus
  • teach emotional regulation
  • improve learning outcomes
  • build relationships and learn to set healthy boundaries
  • teach respect and compassion for others
  • develop resilience and patience
  • have a safe, welcoming place to come
  • help solve problems
EAL is great for kids on the spectrum, NDIS participants, challenges such as dementia or anyone wanting to enhance their quality of life or develop life skills.
Suitable for ages 6yo+
Sessions: 50minutes
NDIS participants welcome
Cost: $180

Want to talk?
Contact Soo

+61  411 623 479

Available sessions
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One-off session

One-off sessions offer an opportunity for participants to meet one or more members of the herd and have an amazing experience.

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Regular sessions

Sessions are organised at a frequency that suits you! We have participants who attend weekly, fortnightly or monthly.  

My daughter is on the autism spectrum and has a few disorders and low esteem among other issues. When her NDIS  Co-ordinator suggested Equine Therapy I was on board, being aware that human and animal interaction can be very therapeutic, though I was slightly skeptical.

When I met Soo and was shown around the Eureka Horse Wisdom facility, I realized that there was far more to it than met the eye and I felt comfortable with my daughter participating with Soo and the horses.

Soo keeps me updated with the session's and photos, my daughter looks forward to her sessions and I have noticed some positive changes with my daughter's behavior.


I love how Soo has created a peaceful environment where holistic learning of horsemanship, friendship, and communication with horses naturally occurs.

The Eureka herd share many gifts but my favourite is their ability to mirror our way of being thus helping healing and development take place.

My daughter is thriving in this supported experiential learning environment and I'm grateful to Soo for her intuitive insight and for role modeling groundedness and a beautiful way with horses.


My son has only had a couple of sessions with Soo and her beautiful horses, but what an impact it has had on him. 
Both times we have left he has said how calm he felt and we were able to talk about how he struggles to understand his own feelings. 
Just being around Soo and her horses is healing. They allow you to be calm and in the moment. 
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