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Discover Healing at Eureka Horse Wisdom

Thank you for visiting.  Eureka Horse Wisdom has moved...

We invite you to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and emotional healing at Eureka Horse Wisdom, where the gentle guidance of horses and the restorative power of Reiki work in harmony to unveil your true potential.

Immerse yourself in our holistic approach, designed to nurture your inner strengths and empower you to live a life aligned with your authentic self.

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+61  411 623 479

Why Horses?

With their magnetic beauty and large physical size, horses have attracted mankind for centuries. They are predominately prey animals which means their senses are extremely developed, and they are acutely aware of their environment. They have incredible hearing, and can hear our heart beat from just over a metre away. A herd will synchronise their heartbeats to each other to help them sense danger more quickly.


They react to the slightest changes in their environment – which includes us! There’s no hiding from them! They read things about us we may be unaware of, and respond to our body language and energy with immediate, non-judgemental responses. Through their reactions, they can help us learn about ourselves and shift how we show up in the world.

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As nature’s therapists and born Reiki Masters, the Eureka horse herd often offer participants energy healing. They know what we are ready to let go of.  


They don't care what we say or wear (although their very sensitive sense of smell does mean they sometimes take offence to our perfume/aftershave!)  They offer us non-judgemental, unconditional love and support. They live in the moment and as such are perfect teachers of mindfulness, mutual trust, respect and compassion.


Taking somatic work out into the paddock in Equine Therapy sessions, allows the horses to help and support us shift our internal state. This can be tremendously powerful and deeply transformational, and helps us heal childhood traumas, trapped emotions, and find resolution to life's stressors.

Working experientially with horses in Equine Assisted Learning sessions creates ‘aha’ moments and memories that we can apply to our lives and retain far longer than sitting in 'just another room'.  Horses encourage us to develop calmness, self-awareness and connection.

What People Say
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"My time with the herd was a gentle, nourishing and enriching experience.
It was a truly beautiful encounter which I benefitted from and enjoyed and I look forward to more."


What We Offer
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Private Sessions

Individual Sessions

* Equine Therapy

* Equine Assisted Learning

* Reiki with the herd

Group Sessions

Corporate & Community Groups are offered by Highlands Centre For Healing

* Workshops

* Retreats

* Programs


Life for horses as nature intended!


* Living in a herd

* Large 10 acre grassy paddocks

* Shady trees, dams

* min 3 week stay​

Want to talk?
Contact Soo

+61  411 623 479

"Horses, with their gentle strength and intuitive grace, offer a therapeutic alliance that transcends spoken words. In the quiet presence of a horse, healing becomes a silent conversation between two souls, a journey towards inner peace guided by the wisdom of a gentle spirit."

Our Team

Eureka Horse Wisdom herd of horses

Our magical powerhouse

Soo Woods

Equine Therapist, Counsellor

& Reiki Practitioner

Magnet and Ziggy, therapy dogs

Welcoming Committee

Soo is deeply connected to the Eureka Horse Wisdom herd, and her border collies Magnet and Ziggy. Together they form an exceptional, compassionate healing container, uniting unconditional love, learning and healing.


Each amazing individual within the herd has a unique personality and life history, and our clients love getting to know them. We firmly believe in keeping their environment as natural as possible and to this end, they live as one herd in large paddocks. They are handled with kindness, skill and knowledge and the needs of each individual recognised and met.

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'The Stables'

Gift yourself some peaceful time away with a stay in our accommodation at The Stables. Sleep with the horses, wake to the sounds of birdsong, wander through nature during the day and enjoy the antics of roos at dusk. 

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