My Shadow

My eyes keep leaking, my heart hurts and every happy memory brings more tears. As one lovely friend said to me ~ sorrow and joy are so intertwined, for one inevitably brings the other. He was my rock for close on a decade and he left me so tragically and so suddenly.

Ted was my wing-man, my shadow but above all else a soul mate. We met at the pound about nine years ago when Kimba, my beautiful blue heeler chose him as her companion and we have been inseparable since . . . that is, until two days ago, when he was wrenched from me in a tragic and very sudden accident.

Ted brought life to light. He radiated joy and fun and revelled in regularly sharing this both as I pulled my boots on each morning and when with clients as we walked to/from the herd. He spent a lot of his life smiling, though did a solemn face very, very well too. He fought the odds - diagnosed with completely shot knees a couple of years ago, he refused to accept that he had to slow down, and supplemented with every herbal and veterinary item available, he raced through life with enthusiasm and vibrancy.

He is so sorely missed and will be remembered by so many for the kind little man that he was. Always in my heart, run free now Ted with Kimba & Thunder.

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