C.O.R.E. Horsemanship

Considerate | Open | Respectful | Empathetic

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Are you wondering what C.O.R.E. #Horsemanship actually is ?

As is sometimes the case, it may be easier to describe what it is NOT! It is not so much what to DO with a horse, but how to BE with a horse.

It's about Conversing, Communicating, being Considerate, becoming Creative, being Conscious, Curious . . . and a whole load of other "C" words.

It's about being Open to outcome, Observing, Taking Opportunities as they arise, making tasks Obtainable (yes, it's OK to do some DOing), being Outstanding in every aspect, being Overjoyed with your connection/relationship/self/horse . . . you get the gist.

It's about being Respectful, being in Relationship, being Relaxed . . .

It's about being Empathetic, Eager, Ego-less, Endearing . . .

It is about listening to your horse and hearing what they are communicating rather than ignoring or brushing them off.

#Horses are super forgiving beings. As quickly as we change, so do they. They are here to help humans learn, grow and remember how to love whole heartedly.

#COREhorsemanship can help you do just this - and even have fun along the way!

If you have other words to add to the above lists, please comment below - we'd love to hear them. Please also share this blog and help spread the word about how horses really want us to BE good-different with them!

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