Can I ride?

“Why do you not offer riding in your Life Skills Holiday Camps? I like the sound of them but my child might be disappointed that they won’t get to ride a horse.”

Our response to this is as follows:

If a child is potentially disappointed if they don’t get to ride, it can only be because their parent has suggested they might. The problem is therefore with the parent, not the child.

In our Experiential Learning sessions, we work with our horses to facilitate the learning of LIFE SKILLS. If an individual learns experientially, they will be engaged and empowered when they figure out an answer, rather than disinterested and discouraged by being told it. (Please note the words ‘work with’ rather than ‘use’ in this last paragraph).

Just because a horse is born a horse doesn’t give us the right to get on them. But our society seems to think it does! We do not mention or suggest horse riding in our camp advertising. Would anyone ride their school/college teacher?!

At Eureka we value our relationships with our horses tremendously and are very aware of the attitudes we take to them. If our belief system is that a horse is stupid, is here to serve us (be ridden) and needs to be ‘controlled’, then the horse is a slave. We make him/her a slave with our thoughts, beliefs and intent.

We prefer to believe that the horse is a smart, feeling (empathetic), sentient and energetically wise being. We strive for willing partnerships rather than dominance based relationships.

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