A rare and magical gift

Sometimes in life you are gifted something VERY special, rare and even magical. A precious gift you couldn’t possibly dream up if you tried.

This is how I feel about Soo at Eureka Horse Wisdom.

2020 has been such a tricky year, and both our beautiful autistic kiddos have struggled enormously with anxiety, anger and regulation in their own unique ways...

Soo is one of the kindest, most caring and authentic support people I’ve been lucky enough to have on my team to positively support our children. Each week the window of time that they both share with her and the horses are filled with wonder, joyful learning, and such incredible peacefulness of being in the moment. A gift in time.

The love and respect she has for her herd of horses is beautifully rare. And they clearly return this love and trust in their willingness and choice to teach and demonstrate such purity and honest wisdom.

My gratitude to her in what she is teaching and sharing with them and our family does not have adequate words to describe. She and the horses are beautifully changing our lives and bringing joyful calm.

I honestly can’t recommend Soo and Eureka Horse Wisdom enough, and how much your life will be enriched for making that step!

Bec, Dec 2020

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