My experience was incredible!

My experience with Soo and her horses was incredible! And that is an understatement as words cannot express how special an Equine Assisted Learning session truly is - one needs to immerse themselves in the experience.

If you are open to it, Soo and her horses have a special gift to share with you that you will treasure for a long time. The loving energy the horses have for you, their incredible healing energy and Soo’s intuitive guidance will make you feel grounded, loved and at peace with both the horses and yourself, in a way you could never have imagined.

As an energy healer and intuitive, I guide people to tap into and connect in with their own intuitive abilities, which we have often forgotten how to do.

As an Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator, Soo is able to tap into her intuitive skills as such a deep level. Through her guided and supported sessions you can learn lessons about yourself, become aware of and remove blockages that are holding you back, and explore and resolve big emotions and feelings you might be trying to work through – Equine Assisted Learning has so much potential to support you in whatever it is you’d like to explore within yourself, life, with family members or friends and in work.

A truly incredible experience that words cannot fully explain nor express. Soo is a true horse whisper!

Lisa Gumieniuk

Larimar Wellbeing -

The Wellpreneur Collective –

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