"Accept who you are"

I visited Soo and her beautiful horses to work on my weaknesses, which stemmed from my childhood experiences, find peace in my life and get rid of everything that no longer serves me.

The horses helped me see what I didn’t see as a child, which gave me the great sense of relief. They also showed me what is important and what is not in my life, and taught me that things that are not important are not worth disturbed by. Just forget about them and move on.

Throughout my learning with the horses, Soo was like a warm blanket by simply standing by me and helped me learn. There was no judgement but love, support and encouragement for me to move on from the past pain and get rid of the part of me that is affected by it. Through EEL, I felt a sense of closure to the past and have made complete peace with it. Now, I’m ready to step into my new life without dragging the heavy past with me. I certainly will go back there to enhance my life even further.

After the session, one of the horses gave me a very valuable message,

“Each of you have a role to play on the planet, which is unique and individual. There is no right or wrong as you are on your own journey. The important thing is to learn to love yourself and accept who you are. To do that, you’ve got to know yourself, who you really are. When you learn to love yourself, you will find the peace.”

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