My son is assertive with his "I AM"

Hi there Soo

Just wanted to feedback the subtle growth in Andrew* after our 1 hour Equine Experience. His confidence in himself and his voice is SO MUCH stronger. His willingness to speak up about all sorts of topics, even in conflicting environments is so keen. But still in his lovely gentle manner. What a joy to hear and feel him being assertive with his ‘I AM’.

His confidence to try new experiences too is up. We went for a bush walk after our time with you to Fitzroy falls.... normally Andrew would have wanted to sit in the car and not participate... but he walked a good while with me and no complaints. Even enjoyed it.

Andrew’s eye contact is out of sight better. And with it tall posture-and clarity of speech. I’ve heard him say ‘ no... I’ll do it ‘ or ‘ I can do that ‘ so much more since our afternoon with you. Mozart’s lesson of “butt out mum” and “Andrew can do this himself” is still fresh in our minds and I know Andrew still feels it. Thankyou Thankyou !!!

* name changed for confidentiality reasons

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