Skills to get me through rough times

During my time at Eureka Pines, Soo has taught me life changing skills, that I can use in my everyday life, to get me through hard/rough times.

It was about when I was in year 3-4, I had started having a rough time at school, I was in a primary school that had kids that weren’t very nice, but there are kids like that at every school, except at this school it was me who was picked on and bullied. It was in year 5 when I couldn’t deal with it anymore, and I finally came clean to my parents and teachers, the teachers didn’t do anything when I told them, so that made it worse.

My mum was online looking for therapists, and came across Soo’s website, horses are one of my favourite animals and when mum told me that I would be going here I was so excited.

My first session at Horse Wisdom was nerve racking but good, when I was introduced to the horses, I felt like they liked me, because they didn’t walk away when I tried to pat them. As my sessions when on I had to go through different skills on talking to the horses about my problems, walking side by side to the horses and thinking of an emotion, but if I wasn’t thinking happy they wouldn’t follow, I would be able to go for rides on the horses through the forest to take my mind of things, and so on.

Soo has helped me through so much and I am so grateful for what she has done for me, and what I have got to experience and feel different. I ended moving schools and beginning a new start, and i have left the past behind me. Soo’s lessons were so important to me, she has changed my young life.

The methods and skills I went through to help me were so helpful, I have to say my most favourite and trusting activity was, laying in the middle of the paddock, listening to nature, and letting the horses walk around me. It is so sad that I don’t go anymore, but I am so happy and grateful I got to experience what I did, I highly recommend this for everyone who needs someone to talk to, and like animals, it is one of the best parts of my life going there. I hope that who ever reads this will go on and go and try Soo Woods Horse Wisdom Therapy. And experience what I got to, or even better, it will help you a lot.

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