Terrified to Enthused!

I have worked with Soo over the last 8 months, following a 20 year break from riding. She has transformed me from terrified to an enthusiast, keen to ride each day that I can. My confidence, my riding and horsemanship skills, and my relationship with my horse have developed exponentially.

Soo continues to challenge me and always keeps things interesting using a combination of disciplines (jumping, dressage, groundwork, bareback, lunging, long-reining) as well as providing strategies, guidance and advice on horsemanship and all aspects of horse care.

Soo has also provided instruction to my husband, and has recently started coaching our (almost) 5 year old son. She focuses above all on having fun, while still providing guidance, so that he is learning without even realising it. He looks forward to his lessons and is really starting to assert control over his pony!

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