I am finally learning to accept myself for exactly who I am

Since my visit with the herd at Eureka Horse Wisdom, I have felt an enormous shift in my life. I don’t think it is possible for me to put into words exactly how healing it is to spend time with the herd. Prior to visiting Soo and the horses, I had some things in my life that were just not flowing for me. There were blockages and reasons behind my resistance to making change in my life that I knew was for the better. After my first visit, I knew that something had shifted. I released a lot of built up emotion that was underlying some of the issues in my life.

My second visit with the herd was with a group of beautiful souls and our connection with the horses was truly remarkable. I felt that we tapped into the essence of the land, sending healing energy and love to all. The connection between the horses and us was incredibly powerful. We naturally made a circle with the herd and I was blessed with the presence of Skye, whom I connected with on levels above just our physical interaction.

I know, without a doubt, that my time spent at Eureka Horse Wisdom has made an incredible difference to my life. I now have more peace, clarity and light than ever before and I am finally learning to accept myself for exactly who I am today. I am eternally grateful to Soo and the herd (especially Mozart, Cricket, Luna and Skye!). Just by remembering my time with the horses is enough to help with whatever moment I am experiencing. It's a gift that just keeps giving!

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