Love in action

The blessings I received were totally unexpected. It was amazing. I shared time with Luna, a gentle, loving mare, where time and space stood still between us. It was ‘Love in Action’. Complete Oneness! I felt so at ease and it felt so natural to stand beside Luna after she had walked straight over to me, once when we first entered the area whilst crossing to another area and again when we returned.

We than sat together and I laid down on her girth and nuzzled into her neck – total trust between us. I had felt the urge to sit down but didn’t, then Luna sat down and I knew I was to sit with her. Then I felt the urge to lie down but didn’t, then Luna kept putting her head down so I knew she was showing me to lie down. I felt no fear, just trust and love, complete surrender – my eyes were closed most of the time, with a huge grin on my face, as we just lay down together with the sun shining on us. Whilst I lay with her behind me she had her head over mine, in my hair, on my neck and shoulders (wherever she could reach – so gentle, so lovingly). I could feel her breath above and around me.

Eventually Luna laid right down herself and that is how we remained for some time. During this time another mare, Skye, was holding space for us and protecting us both. I felt so loved and protected, so everything. After Luna left, I remained where I was, sitting on the ground watching her. Two other horses came up to me, one at a time. Again I felt so at ease with them, so trusting. I nuzzled into their heads/noses with my head, they had a bit of a sniff around me, touched me and walked on. Just unbelievably amazing.

On my return home – a six and a half hour drive - I just kept going over the event, wondering if it had really happened. I had thought horses and I just did not go together, but I was shown otherwise.

I did have a week or more of cleansing with cold like symptoms – running nose, eyes watering. My husband reminded me that I have been the same after other spiritual journeys.

My experience and connection with Luna has opened, expanded something in me – I cannot find words to explain it, but as I write this, tears are flowing, my heart is so open. I am so grateful for the opportunity given to me, so grateful to meet Luna and all her friends and so grateful to Soo who made it all possible. Thank you all.

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