School bullying

The reason why I went to Soo and her horses was because I was getting bullied mostly every day for about 4 years at school. So my mum found Soo and booked me in to go and see her every 2 weeks.

When I first went there I got to meet the horses and Soo. I thought it was amazing because I got to tell Soo about all the problems that was going on, it felt good to let it all out.

When you go there you get to work with all kinds of different horses with different stories for each one.

I moved schools and feel a whole lot better than I used to feel. I go to Soo every month now and learn how to ride horses as well as having sessions. In the holidays I sometimes get to do holiday sessions with other people for about 4 hours. I think if anyone has a problem they should go and see Soo because it helps with everything that you’re having trouble with.

All of the horses are really friendly and they won't do anything to hurt you. In horse therapy I get to do something different every week, and also I sometimes do something relating to the week before. I get to do horse riding, brushing the horses, play with the horses, learn how to tie up a rope halter.

Sometimes I still talk about how I am going at my new school and sometimes I talk about my old school, if I do talk about my old school Soo will put something that happened into an activity that I get to do with the horses.

I think that everyone should go to Soo and the horses if they are having a bad time in life, because it really helps. I think it is the best place ever.

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