Healing from past life

Last week a friend and I had the honour of spending time at Eureka Horse Wisdom with Soo and her majestic herd. I would like to share an overview of my experience and I encourage anyone drawn to this extraordinary opportunity, to honour the impulse and take the time to visit Soo and the wonderful space she and the herd have created at Eureka Pines.

The property ... is beautiful. Through the gates and up the driveway, the sweet smell of long standing pines and magnificent gums greet us, offering protection from the world outside. We enter a sacred world of peace and tranquillity, winding through the gums, horses come into view left and right. Scanning, I'm immediately drawn to an Appaloosa off on his own. Deep longings arise and my breathing quickens.

Soo ... Stepping out of the car, the great north wind greets us and there too is our guide, the leader of the herd Soo Broster. Clear blue eyes, gentle energy, strong hand, quiet confidence. I know in this moment, her essence is pure, her intention to offer a healing space is genuine and that I am in good hands, exactly the right place ... and time.

The Herd ... scattered around, grazing and playing, are a dozen or so beautifully conditioned horses. One of the youngest comes to greet us, with curious eyes and an open spirit. Walking around, more come to offer greetings. After a while, I walk off into the herd, to pay my respects to each member of the family. A roan mare picks up her head and trots over to me ... 'hello old friend, it's good to see you again' I hear in my thoughts. Happy to see me and I her, we connect as I know we've done before, somewhere, sometime. One by one they allow me into their personal space, to greet and admire them. Immersed in the bliss of being surrounded by the herd, my deep longing resurfaces and draws me away to the far paddock and the Appaloosa who’s name is Pops.

He's blind. My tears flow. And the little painted mare, his guide horse and carer allows me in to their world. Shy at first, he is unsure. More tears come, in sobbing release. Unknowing, they flow. You are so beautiful - I love you with all of my heart. He hears my words, feels my heart open and he softens now, relaxes in my presence, reaches for my hand, enjoys my scratching and caressing. In time his Appaloosa spots blur and fade, then I see the apparition of my own beautiful Palomino Tacquila in him ... a Pegasus … in the spirit world for some years now. He comes to tell me he loves me and he’s always with me. More tears. Thank you my beautiful Tacquila. Thank you beautiful Pops.

The Healing … And now it’s my turn with Soo and the herd. Intention in mind, we talk. A deep love of horses and a passion to work with them, I have always had. But my body reacts with allergy and pain. Layers I’ve shed to clear the path, but still it remains. Then we breathe and focus and I feel my body. Torso and mind in chaos and pain; flashes of pictures come and go and we walk off into the herd to find my healing spirit.

From behind he runs to catch us, like he’d just arrived and didn’t want to miss it. Snorting insistently ... he makes it known he has something to share. It’s Jack, a gorgeous dark bay. And as we greet I realise I hadn’t even seen this tower of strength in my earlier wanderings. My hand reaches for his face, his soft strong neck. Eyes meet and memories ripple to the surface from deep in within. Tears flow, again. Resting his head on my chest like a long lost love, reconnecting. Knowing's arise within me ... riding together free and at one; a careless momentary lack of focus; an accident, a fall; I am broken. A wheelchair. Desperation, sadness. And worst of all, I closed my heart to shut out the pain. But that shut him out too. Each day he waits for me. Valiantly he tries to get me out of that chair and on his back. Hour by hour he stands still and strong waiting to help. Dependable Jack, steady and aware, vigilant in vain. Deep dark sorrow comes and sobbing, I feel the sorry burden of my self imposed punishment.

And yet, here he is … ready to help me again. Huge of heart he stands by me, steady, strong, quiet, aware … waiting. And to him I flop, burying my face in his coat, breathing his scent, feeling his love. Releasing my burden and regret, the memories fade and I remember all that I am. Sacred self, at peace, I am free. Thank you beautiful Jack. And off he goes to join the herd.

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