Archie . . . a very long short holiday !

After finishing university in Armidale I was left with a dilemma. Archie, my lovely, but illness prone 5yo thoroughbred was just recovering from a bout of stomach ulcers and moving him back into a stabled environment in Sydney immediately was just going to cause both of us stress.

I've known Soo for years and considering her recent move down to the Southern Highlands, thought it might be a nice idea to send Archie on a short one or two month holiday to Eureka before bringing him back to Sydney.

That was in May . . . . it's now October . . . and he’s still there! Seeing how much happier he is running around and playing with the herd in large paddocks, and, well just being a horse, has made me reconsider my choice to bring him back to Sydney. His condition is far better, he is apparently illness free and he has learnt how to socialise with other horses. But most of all he just seems so much more relaxed.

The horses at Eureka are truly the most happy and relaxed horses I have ever been around and this is all due to Soo’s commitment to each and every member of the herd, regardless if they are her own or not. If there is anything is wrong, she is the first to pick up on it and acts immediately. Soo has always gone above and beyond for the horses on her property and sends regular updates and photos to me which gives me peace of mind that Archie is healthy and still enjoying his time at Eureka. So for now his holiday continues indefinitely and if one thing is for sure, he’s definitely not complaining!

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