A reason for most things

I believe there’s a reason for most things, and meeting Soo and the herd at Eureka happened just at the right time. Bella has been in my life for 9 years and had been with the same herd for most of that time. A year or so ago, I moved her away to a new place and brought in Jack to keep her company. They were sublimely happy together in their own space, but we found ourselves suddenly in need of a new home due to circumstances beyond our control. We needed to act quickly and Soo was instrumental in ensuring Bella and Jack had a safe place to come to.

Soo was very understanding of the circumstances and thoughtful in her approach to Jack and Bella. Jack’s a big boy and very protective of Bella. We needed to make sure everyone would get along, so we took a slow, gentle approach to introductions and eventually were able to successfully transition both of them into the herd. I can’t tell you how much pleasure and satisfaction it gives me to see both my horses happily blended into the wider herd. They have wide open spaces and a natural setting that allows them to live within their own equine social structure. Horses being horses. They are healthy, relaxed and content.

I have the utmost trust in Soo’s integrity, and expertise. All care is given and I can rest assured the horses are well.

Thanks Soo

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