"Choose Eureka, you will not regret it"

In September of 2014 I found my sweet appaloosa mare 'Luna' on a Facebook page that was advertising horses for their last chance at life, before being processed for dog food. Luna was the last horse left and only 2 days shy of being killed. There was something about her sad demeanour in her photos that I couldn't shake. I acted quickly and she was picked up with one day left before she was meant to meet her end.

Once she was safely transported from QLD to NSW I searched and searched for properties and people that would provide Luna with the utmost care, whilst still letting her be a horse. I wanted the absolute best for my second chance mare. We moved properties twice, and although Luna seemed to like her surroundings, she was never truly HAPPY and content until she walked off the float and into Soo's care at Eureka Horse Wisdom - almost a year to the day when she was saved.

I have never seen a happier herd of horses than those at Soo's. They are free to roam in giant grassy paddocks and truly act as horses should. Soo regularly provides me with updates on Luna's condition and wellbeing which leaves me with peace of mind that my beautiful girl is receiving the care she deserves.

Next year I am leaving Australia to travel the world for a few years and I have no doubt in my mind that Luna will be extremely well cared for, by Soo at Eureka Horse Wisdom. Leaving my special girl will be the hardest thing that I will have to do but knowing that she will be happy makes it a teency bit easier.

If I can offer any words of wisdom it would be these - choose Eureka, you will not regret it.

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