"Wow, amazing, I want more!"

I recently went to try Equine Facilitated Learning with Soo at Eureka and I have to say it was one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had.

My issues were anxiety and a huge amount of self-doubt. Consequently when I entered the paddock my thoughts were “What if I cannot do this? . . What if I feel nothing?. . . What if I misread the signals that the horses give me?” Then after some gentle deep breathing exercises and with the help of Soo I was able to gently able to let go! I focused on ‘the now’, the present, I relaxed!!!!

I will not go into details of my experience as that is personal, however with the aid of the horses I was able to look at my situation from a different perspective without the fear and then the anxiety slowly released. I was able to relate to a couple of horses and use them for different aspects of my life – however there was one horse in particular who let’s just say seemed to understand me, he connected with me and soothed my anxieties – I felt and immense sense of calm and security through him!! It was an amazing experience I will never forget. I will take that moment with me as a memory that I can never forget!

I walked away from the who experience with a huge sense of relief, certainly something I have not received sitting in a councillors office, where your mind is racing from what has been discussed. Instead I felt peace and calm!!! Truly amazing!! I went to bed that night and had the best sleep I had had in ages.

Thank you to Soo and her beautiful horses, Wow, Amazing, I want more!!!

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