Positive benefits of EFL for young kids

Our daughter is a quirky and active young girl. We had always suspected that she found difficulty with her ability to focus, had some impulsivity concerns, and her motor skills were lagging behind. After we had read about the many benefits of Equine Facilitated Learning, we decided to trial a few sessions for her.

After only two sessions in a week with Soo and the Horses, we noticed dramatically positive changes in her general overall happiness. Even extended family and friends noticed changes, most of whom at the time did not realise that she was attending EFL. Having now had only a few more sessions in such a short period of time, we have also notice that she has a more positive attitude to many things, including tasks that she has previously found challenging and been upset about or refused to participate in. She is now able to sit and focus on tasks for noticeably longer periods of time. She has also gained a world of confidence with attempting tasks which require balancing skills. There has also been a significant change in her impulsive reactions in daily life. For the first time, she has been able to stop and think before she does a task, and has even made judgements on whether something is right or wrong, and chosen to act accordingly. The presence of this ability in her has never been clear to us prior to her time spent with the Horses. We have quite frankly, been amazed.

When we asked her to tell us about the way she felt about the sessions, her response was: "I love being with Soo and her horses. They look after me. I think they must love me. Going to see them makes me feel really happy. I love every part of horse days. I like cleaning their hooves, putting cream on their sore spots, and riding, and feeding them liquorice and carrots".

We would highly recommend, to anyone with children, to give EFL a trial and witness the positive impact that horses can have in a child's (and adult's) life.

Update : 12 months on

We have received positive feedback from Ella's School teachers and Principal in regards to her growth and development over this year. The consistent theme being improvements in her ability to focus and follow instructions, and also her with her increased confidence to join in with sports tasks even if she does not perform well. We feel that this would have been a different scenario if we had not had the sessions with Soo and the horses at the start of the year. Ella speaks about her horse time regularly and how it made her feel. Through this, and her improvements in tasks that were once more challenging, we can see the direct beneficial impact that her horse time has had.

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