Mirror to your soul

My story is not unique, in fact, I think it's similar to many peoples - what is unique however is how much life is enhanced when you start being true to yourself. If there is one thing horses give you (and we all know there is way more than one), it's the mirror they hold up to your soul and the endless opportunities they present to learn a little bit more about you. So here is a little bit about me and my story.

Ask anyone in my family what I wanted for as long as any of them can remember and they'll tell you a horse. Whenever someone would ask what I'd like for Christmas or my birthday it would always be a horse, I didn't mind if we rode, I didn't mind if he would just eat grass happily in a paddock, I wanted the partnership and the simple joy of working with and connecting with an animal so different from me. Somehow as the years progressed this rather simple answer would then be followed up by how difficult/costly/insert any obstacle you can think of and the horse remained on the list and never in reality.

There was another few things that happened as the years progressed, I did what I thought I should do and 'grew up', I travelled, went to uni, launched a career, got very busy, travelled some more, moved up the corporate ladder, became even more busy. From an outside perspective, I was considered successful. The problem was, something always seemed to be missing, there didn't seem to be a point to my busy-ness, my stress levels were high, I was increasingly unhappy and quite frankly unpleasant to be around! To me, this is the very opposite of success and it needed to change.

So, like many people before me, I stepped off the treadmill (literally and figuratively), opened up my childhood dream box that I'd slammed shut when I 'grew up' and remembered my very simple wish - to build a partnership with a horse. Like all good things in life, once you set your mind to it (or open your mind to it as the case may be) , the opportunities present themselves and in a very short timeframe, the obstacles I threw up in the past all mysteriously melted away. Now, in addition to my own beautiful thoroughbred Scout I have the pure joy of living on a property with five horses in the backyard and spend at least one morning at week helping out at Soo's stables, getting to know a diverse range of horses and all their beautiful personalities.

The stress, the busy-ness, the uncertainty of living in today's world has not magically vanished - this is not Eat, Pray, Love after all - but what has happened is that I know how to find balance. Being outside, sitting in a yard with Scout, working on a new challenge together, not to mention the physical, mental and emotional challenges that come with owning and looking after a horse. The gym really doesn't compete when it comes to the ways you can use your body and your mind when building a partnership with a horse and I take my hat of to all of the horse lovers with more than one horse, I'm sure it's the way to beat insomnia!!

Oh, and I no longer consider myself grown up. I'm a work in progress and so is Scout, I'd like to think that we'll never grow up and if we keep having fun, learning from and about each other and enjoying all the twists and turns that come from this crazy thing called Horsemanship then I am one happy girl.

Special mention to my other 'keeping it young' companion too, Tequila the escape artists Pomeranian, without whom life would have been so much duller these last 7 years.

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