Horses have saved me on more than one occasion!

Horses have saved me on more than one occasion!

In 2009 I had hit a huge bump in my life; I didn't know where to turn or what to do. I didn't want to get out of bed; there was no purpose in my life.

A friend took me riding and I fell in love with a horse there. I focused my time and life to her. I love to care for and look after others, so looking after her gave me a goal. I saw her every day and I finally gave up my day job to look after horses which really helped me as a person. Finally after a year and a bit I went back to my day job as I felt it was healthier and more of a balance.

I now find horses help me; I have more of a balance within myself. As I like to give a lot to other people, I feel I am sometimes taken for granted or can be looked at as a weak person. Horses never look at me as a weak person or take advantage of me and having the opportunity to give a lot to a special horse means a lot. Horses love being loved and cared for; they need looking after. I find helping horses like this lets me have more respect for myself and not need to give so much to others.

I enjoy riding and I find having a goal in riding helps you stay focused in general; it helps with me with where I'm going in life.

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