Developing self esteem

As a parent of a child who was born loving horses, I have done what I can to support her passion. My daughter began riding lessons at age five when she was experiencing a lot of anxiety in her day to day life. The horse riding was something I encouraged as it helped her develop confidence and skill which in turn developed self esteem. Success breeds success, and to be someone so small who is able to sit up so strongly on such a large animal without fear amazed me.

We have had to change riding schools a few times over the years due to their changes and have loved our time with Soo. After the first lesson with her, I said she imparted more information than all the other lessons put together. Her insight and knowledge has really developed a bond of respect and courage between horse and child. To be able to see your child develop and achieve so much is very rewarding. I know my daughter will carry her experience with horses dearly throughout her life—remembering them as a positive experience that helped mould and shape her as a person.

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