Mild autism and learning difficulties

Hello my name is Joe and I am sixteen. I have mild Autism and learning difficulties and because of this and other reasons I am home schooled. I have a lot of difficulty talking to people my age and I have a lot of trouble with my memory and `anxiety. And I am always lonely.

I have been working with Soo and her lovely horses and the wonderful people up at her yard for over eighteen months now and I have found that it has helped me in lots of different ways.

Knowing that I can go up there and spend time with the horses and Soo and the girls helps to get me through each week. Soo is so kind, patient and understanding. There have been endless times when I have forgotten within seconds of her asking me to do something, and it could have been so easy for her to say “I just told you five seconds ago” but she never has. I am so very grateful to her for never making me feel stupid for forgetting things that I have done so many times before, and for things that she has explained a hundred times, and for explaining things in a very simple way.

Soo, more then anybody else other then my parents, has taken the time to understand what scares me and makes me anxious, and tries to help me find ways to remember things.

I love being around the horses a lot. I love caring for them and learning to ride them and even just being in the same paddock as most of them. And I have loved building a friendship with the horses and the people there. So for the first time ever, I feel a part of a group and I’m so, so grateful. I will never forget Soo, the horses and the girls at the yard. They are all unbelievably special to me and will always be. I can recommend the horse therapy with Soo to everyone.

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