My Own Needs

Spending time with horses has affected my life in so many positive ways. Being a mother of two highly inquisitive and energetic kids, I mostly spent the last few years of my life thinking of and doing things to give my children the best lives possible. That was fine, but I did not find a healthy balance. In doing so, I realised that I had forgotten about my own needs and sometimes my health and general wellbeing had been affected.

After a surreal encounter with a horse some years ago, I always knew that they possessed a powerful ability to instinctively 'sense' our true selves. I also read about their abilities to heal us. I thought to give it a try.

After meeting Soo and her amazing family of horses, my beliefs were confirmed and I have been blown away by my experiences. My time spent with the horses has been simply amazing; intimidating, confronting, comforting, reassuring, and such a pleasure. The anxious or guilt-ridden thoughts on motherhood have reversed and changed into positive and constructive views, focusing on strengths rather than just the problems. I have gained a renewed sense of self-confidence. I have also just shifted my views and thoughts into a more healthy and positive mind-set. I have found a sense of peace and balance in life that I know I would have never reached without having the time with the Horses.

Horses are such majestic and powerful beings, and Soo is a caring and highly intuitive instructor. I have been so privileged to have had the experience and would highly recommend giving it a go, to everyone.

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