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All with the aim of supporting people through interaction with horses and nature

At Eureka we endeavour to partner with nature for the benefit of all beings. We offer a range of services and are always open to discussing ideas you may have outside our suggestions below.

Our primary intention is to help people return to nature, to spend time with animals, plants, insects ... just as our ancestors did. Our modern world with its fast pace and high use of technology has caused us to disconnect from our origins. This disconnection results in anxiety, depression, mental health concerns, failing physical health and more. 

Do yourself and your loved ones a favour and commit to spending time at Eureka to reboot and recharge your senses. Come for an hour, a day, a night, a week ... One of the most common comments from visitors is the sense of peace and calm they feel as they come through the front gates!

An opportunity to spend supervised, interactive time with one or more members of the Eureka herd. Learn about them as individuals, about horses in general, ask as many questions as you can think of! We guarantee you'll love the 50min experience. Suitable for ages 5yo +

Spend time with horses / in nature experiencing and practicing true mindfulness and presencing. This is the essence of how we should exist, where only the present moment matters. Say goodbye to anxiety (fear of the future), depression (worry about the past), stresses and more. Guided and overseen by Soo. 50min experience. Suitable for ages 12yo +

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Read more about WHY HORSES? and the benefits of spending time in their presence.

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