Soo Woods, the herd, Magnet & Ziggy

About Soo


Soo is passionate about helping others. She is trained and experienced, deeply intuitive and grounded and empowers clients to become more aware of their emotions and behavioural patterns.


Soo founded Eureka Horse Wisdom after many years of working full-time in the horse industry during which time she progressively developed her own style of equine interaction based on mutual trust, respect and two-way communication. ​​

​Soo enhances Equine Therapy (ET) sessions by incorporating her wealth of life experiences and intuition. ET is becoming known for its unique, effective, hands-on, experiential qualities that offer rapid, if not immediate learning of life skills or about self. 

Soo prides herself on building and maintaining a special connection with each individual member of the Eureka herd, knowing that relationship is key to success. Soo knows from personal experience that connection with horses has the potential to change our lives by teaching a balanced and healthy way of BE-ing and by leading people into exploration of emotional intelligence and regulation.

Soo is also a Reiki practitioner, a qualified Counsellor, Root-Cause Therapy Practitioner, ThetaHealer, Embodied Processing Practitioner and is trauma informed. She keeps her First Aid and Mental Health First Aid Certificates current.
The EUREKA herd


The Eureka herd, which includes border collies Magnet and Ziggy, are an exceptional herd who bring unconditional love (for self and others), learning and healing together.


They are an amazing group of individuals, each with their very unique personality and life history. We firmly believe in keeping their environment as natural as possible and to this end, they live as one herd in large paddocks. They are handled with kindness, skill and knowledge with individual needs attended to.

Soo Woods & Cricket, therapy horse
Relevant Qualifications

Embodied Processing Practitioner Jul 2021


Human & Animal Reiki Practitioner Apr 2021

Equine Connection's International Academy of Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator Mar 2018

OK Corral Let's Get Down To Business Apr 2016

OK Corral Family Time Feb 2015

AEFL Level 2 Facilitator Apr 2015

(Australian Equine Facilitated Learning)

(Level 1 Feb 2011)

Member IICT 2015

CEEL Level 1 Facilitator Mar 2014  

(Centre for Equine Experiential Learning)

EA Level 1 General Coach 2007

(Equestrian Australia)

(Introductory Coach 2006)


Senior First Aid Certificate (ongoing)

Mental Health First Aid Certificate (ongoing)

Eureka Horse Wisdom herd therapy horses