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Soo founded Eureka Horse Wisdom after many years working full-time in the horse industry. She offers her own brand of equine interaction, C.O.R.E. Horsepartnership*, and Equine Experiential Learning (EEL). 

Nadeche joined the team January 2019 as Assistant Stablehand and  rookie Instructor/Facilitator. With wisdom way beyond her years, we are privileged to have 'Dech with us.

Helen helps with program development. Seen here with George, with whom she has always had a special affinity.


Magnet and Ziggy joined the team mid 2018 and are still wearing 'P' plates! Please be patient with them as they adore and cuddle you!

The Eureka herd, which includes border collies Magnet and Ziggy, are an exceptional and unique group of equines who bring unconditional love (for self and others), learning and healing together.

More about C.O.R.E. & EEL

*C.O.R.E. Horsepartnership lessons educate people on relationship with horses, groundwork and, if requested, riding. Soo also helps people with their own horses, from general learning to more specific 'issues'. Click here to go the CORE page on this website.

With EEL, Soo  is not here to act as counsellor, therapist or otherwise, simply to facilitate and guide your experience with the horse(s). Sessions are hands on and experiential, ie. 'learning by doing', with individuals guided to come to their own understandings and conclusions.

Eureka currently offers EEL reflective liberty as well as more structured sessions. Each session is unique and is tailored to the client's needs. The majority of sessions are ground based, ie. you don't ride. However, some clients may gain more from mounted work. EEL Sessions may be individual, couples, families or groups.

You may come just to explore, to see what the horses know you need to hear or you may come with specific questions/issues in mind. Confidentiality assured. Absolutely NO horse knowledge or prior experience necessary.

While we cannot promise miracles we can say that based on our experiences, it is likely that anyone experiencing equine experiential learning will show improvement in symptoms, regardless of what those symptoms are.

Our team

Our team comprises (from left to right) :

Soo Woods (Broster) (pictured with Cricket)

Magnet (border collie)

Ziggy (merle border collie)

Nadeche Schaffer (pictured with her girl Tango)

Helen James (pictured with George)

and of course The Eureka horse herd

About Soo


She is passionate about helping others, and in particular in teaching and developing communication between people and horses, and sharing how both species can learn from each other.


Soo is an experienced, intuitive horsewoman and riding coach who has been educating horses and riders for nearly 20 years. Soo's own brand of C.O.R.E. Horsemanship encourages people to compassionately understand their horse and educate with empathy, understanding and mutual trust. Her caring, unique and personalised approach teaches skills and communication in a way that develops confidence in both horse and rider.

Soo enhances Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) by incorporating her wealth of life experiences and intuition. EAL is becoming known for its unique, effective, hands-on, experiential qualities that offer rapid, if not immediate learning of life skills or about self.

Trained and experienced, Soo Woods (Broster), is deeply intuitive and grounded, empowering clients to become more aware of their emotions and behaviour patterns. She works with a wide range of clients allowing them to grow, heal and learn new behaviours.

Born in England, Soo has been passionate about horses all her life. Always wanting the best for her horses and what she offers, she is committed to ongoing learning and skill development on all fronts.


Soo has successfully worked alongside horses full time since 2004 when she set up and ran Ardis Equestrian, an agistment, training and educational yard in Duffys Forest, Sydney. An Equestrian Australia riding coach, Soo taught riders of all ages and levels with an emphasis on being an all rounded horseperson, not just a rider.


In 2014 Soo moved to Moss Vale in the NSW Southern Highlands with the specific purpose of establishing an Equine Experiential Learning Centre. Here, at Eureka Horse Wisdom, Soo continues to share her knowledge with both horses and people, and puts huge emphasis on the importance of two way communication and conversation with all horses.  She offers her own brand of BE-ing with horses through C.O.R.E. Horsemanship. As the name suggests, this is aimed at the core of relationship with any horse, from which you can choose what involvement you would like to have with these magnificent sentient beings. The Eureka herd currently stands at thirteen unique and remarkable horses, all of whom contribute to the teachings.


Over the years, Soo has trained and competed horses to FEI eventing, FEI dressage and D grade show jumping. She has rehabilitated and transformed many horses, as well as having started several youngsters. She prides herself on building and maintaining a special connection with each individual, knowing that relationship is always the key to success.

Passionate about her role as an Equine Experiential Learning Facilitator, Soo draws on her own life experiences (which include but are not limited to parenting, divorce, corporate and caring roles), her intuition, and horse-human relationships. She knows from personal experience that connection with horses has the potential to change our lives by teaching us a balanced, healthy way of being and by helping us develop fulfilling relationships with the people and animals in our lives.

Soo is a Level 2 Australian Equine Facilitated Learning Facilitator, a Level 1 Centre for Equine Experiential Learning Facilitator and has also trained with OK Corral. She is Working With Children certified, holds current adult first aid certificate and mental health first aid certificate and is a published author.

Relevant Qualifications

Equine Connection's International Academy of Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator Mar 2018

OK Corral Let's Get Down To Business Apr 2016

AEFL Level 2 Facilitator Apr 2015 (Australian Equine Facilitated Learning)


Member IICT 2015


CEEL Level 1 Facilitator Mar 2014   (Centre for Equine Experiential Learning)


OK Corral Family Time Feb 2015

AEFL Level 1 Facilitator Feb 2011


Senior First Aid Certificate (ongoing)


EA Level 1 General Coach 2007 (Equestrian Australia)


EA Introductory Coach 2006

The herd


The Eureka Horse Wisdom herd are an amazing group of individuals, each with their very unique personality and life history.  We firmly believe in keeping their environment as natural for them as possible and to this end they live in one or more herd groups in large paddocks. They are handled with kindness, skill and knowledge and we endeavour to keep them fit and healthy.

Eureka Horse Wisdom herd therapy horses

Professional, experienced, insured. Based in Moss Vale, NSW. Working with children & police checked. © 2015 Soo Woods | Eureka Horse Wisdom.