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Support the Eureka Horses as they help PEOPLE

The herd at Eureka offer

  • EQUINE THERAPY, which provides people in need of emotional and physical support the opportunity to heal, love and grow. The ripple effect to their families, communities and greater society can be profound.

  • EQUINE REIKI, energetic healing of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.


Whether you’ve experienced therapy at Eureka Horse Wisdom, or are an animal lover who would like to show your support for the invaluable work that we offer, sponsorship offers an easy and practical way to help.

Maintaining each unique therapy horse’s optimal health and well-being is costly. We are immensely proud of the work our horses do, and your generosity will help us ensure their optimal well-being so they can keep giving to others.


We offer sponsorship options for any budget. Gift certificates are available if you'd like to give a loved one a meaningful gift.


There are several different levels of financial support for horse welfare available, from a one-off DONATION through MONTHLY PAYMENTS of varying amounts to the very special EXCLUSIVE FULL SPONSORSHIP of a herd member.

ALL contributions are received with deep gratitude.  Unfortunately we are not a registered charity and your donation/ sponsorship will not be tax deductible

Regardless of your choice of offering you will receive

  • a Welcome Pack (including a Thank You letter, Certificate, photo of your nominated horse or the herd)

  • a monthly email update

  • your name on our website and monthly newsletter (unless you wish to remain anonymous) for the term of your support

If you are a BUSINESS and considering sponsorship, please get in touch at contact@eurekahorsewisdom.com.au. We'd love to tailor a package that includes social media content to help share how you are helping the herd.


For the following options, please click on the appropriate picture to find the link


of your choosing as a once off payment. Feel gratification knowing you are supporting the entire herd with the expenses they incur


(bodywork, basic vet, homeopathic, feet, teeth)


  • Our horse's health is our top priority and involves regular maintenance visits as well as occasional unplanned vet visits if injury or illness occurs

  • Our therapy horses require regular farrier care, worm screening and treatment, dentistry, bodywork, herbal supplements

  • Once a year you'll be offered a one-on-one hour visit to meet the herd in person


$5 $10 $20 $50/month

  • All members of the Eureka herd are fed and supplemented according to their individual needs ... this quickly adds up!

  • As a bare minimum. lunch time hay costs > $5,000 a year!


Luna, Scooby, Skye, Cricket, George, PJ, Jigsaw, Midnight, Thumbelina ("Lina"), Frank, Mozart, Cruz

Click on an image to learn more about the individual horse, or to find a link to take you to their sponsorship page.


of a nominated herd member of your choosing


  • support your chosen horse in helping others

  • twice a year you'll be offered a one-on-one two (2) hour visit to get to know your horse in person!

  • your generosity contributes to all regular expenses necessary to ensure your horse is happy and healthy