April 2022 School Holiday Program
Life Skills with horses as the teacher!

A program aimed at developing authenticity, emotional regulation and connection in participants.

  • 12-15 April 2022 incl

  • 10am-2pm daily

  • BYO lunch (snacks provided)

  • $800 / participant - to be paid in full prior to commencement

  • 10% Earlybird discount if paid in full by 01 April 2022

Connections SM_edited.jpg


“I now use belly breathing to help calm me down. That has really helped my worries."


“I really like Soo teaching me. She’s really fun and we do lots of different things each week. I feel safe and comfortable with both Soo and Bec. I can talk with them if I need to."

“The most tricky thing was being blindfolded and if the horses spooked a little bit. My energy went up and then came down. I realise I learned how to calm myself down."

“I would recommend the group sessions for other kids because it’s really fun. You look forward to it, wish you could go every day. It’s really something to look forward to.”

“I’ve found it tricky working with different horses but I’ve been learning that I need to work with them as different personalities. I learned how to work better as a team with them and felt better. And proud."

“I was quite amazed at how much I learned. It stood out to me that I made lots of new connections just through the program, connections with horses and people."

“The others encouraged me by cheering us on. I felt supported the whole time. I felt safe to ask questions. I learnt lots from Soo and it was a really great thing to do. I’d recommend it because it’s quite amazing, you learn lots, it’s fun and it’s a great way to build connections with people and horses."

“I found it really great, amazing and learnt loads that I didn’t think I could really learn.”

“Soo and Bec taught me a lot, they are really good teachers.  I would recommend the program because everything is so amazing and you learn so much.”

“When I’m doing bladder meridian (which is a calming thing) on PJ I feel good, relaxed."